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"We hope Filled with Flavour brings you joy and inspires you to make every meal a feast"

Welcome to Filled with Flavour

We hope to inspire you to eat real food, to taste real flavours and to find a balance between healthy and indulgent meals. On this blog, you will find many recipes; some lean and healthy, some glorious and rich. To us life is all about balance, we think this is key to living a happy and healthy life. 

We are always hungry for knowledge, new experiences and new tasty treats. When travelling we love to try out new cuisines and use this as inspiration to create new dishes. We hope our research, travels, experiments in the kitchen and curiosity for all things food will help you live a tastier life.

Our food philosophy

We love good food! To us ‘good food’ is food that makes us do a little happy dance when we taste lots of flavours while eating clean, pure and high-quality ingredients. Dishes that tantalize your taste buds and are a pleasure to devour. We believe you should make each meal a celebration. You should feel excited to tuck into your plate! Why wait until a birthday or holiday to indulge yourself? A Monday night dinner doesn’t have to be boring and bland. Even quick and easy weeknight meals can be full of flavour! 

We believe the key to happiness is to appeal to your senses, to be aware of your senses and to please your senses. When it comes to food the most obvious sense is ‘taste’. By adding flavour to your dishes your meals become more interesting to eat. A sprinkle of rosemary, a dash of freshly ground black pepper and a drop of balsamic vinegar can take your meal to another level.  Don’t stop there. Spend two minutes extra to please your sense of ‘sight’ as well. Try to add different colours to your plate. As an added bonus this means more vitamins and minerals! Try to plate your food in a pleasing manner. Remember... you eat with your eyes first. Think about texture to please your sense of ‘touch’. Add a little crunch of roasted nuts or a velvety smooth cream to finish off your dish. Even your senses of ‘smell’ and ‘sound’ can be pleased. Think about a restaurant where they serve you a sizzling hot steak in a cast-iron skillet. What about the smell of fresh bread that just came out of the oven? There is no reason special experiences like these should be reserved for restaurants. With a little help from us, you will be able to please all your senses with sensational dishes!

Why we started Filled with Flavour

We believe that the secret to living a healthy and tasty life is a balanced way of eating that consists mostly of ‘clean’ food with an occasional indulgence. Even delectable chocolate chip cookies fit in a healthy lifestyle, as long as you use natural ingredients. There is nothing wrong with creamy grass-fed butter, organic flour and high-quality chocolate chips. We believe food is not just meant to fill your belly. Food is meant to be nutritious for the body and bring happiness to your soul. Nothing makes us happier than sitting down at the table and enjoying a healthy nourishing delicious meal. In our opinion, a healthy way of eating is not a fat-free, low carb diet. A healthy way of eating is all about balance and knowing what food does for and to your body. Make conscious choices in what you put in your body and use pure natural ingredients. Enjoy an occasional indulgence, do not feel guilty about eating that slice of cake but instead celebrate that moment! 

We hope to inspire you to add flavour to your dishes. To show that a healthy lifestyle does not mean you can only eat kale and quinoa. You do not have to follow difficult rules and guidelines in order to eat healthily. All you have to do is learn to listen to your body and eat real, pure ingredients just like nature intended. Food has been used for centuries as a means to celebrate life, it should spark joy and bring happiness. Like we said earlier; your meals should please your senses and make you feel excited. Don’t restrict yourself by following impossible diets that make you feel miserable in the process. Like everything in life balance is important. You can’t have summer without winter, right? We believe life should be a feast and so should your meals...

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